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Who we are

We are a Brazilian corporation specializing in cutting cutting-edge innovation in management, strategy, and leadership for public and private organizations. Our purpose is to advance the common good, sharing our know-how with organizations that want to reach excellence and a high level of consciousness in everything they do.

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Our history

Amana-Key was founded more than 40 years ago as a strategy consultancy. For about 10 successive years we provided long-term strategic planning services, ran several corporate turnarounds, and served as conflict negotiation advisers and mediators for mergers and acquisitions and other complex business deals.

Ten years later we launched services in the field of leadership modernization and development through large scale local and international seminars as well as intensive short-term programs on strategy, management, and leadership innovation. A few years later we introduced experiential learning programs to develop leadership skills that are critical for leaders in the emerging reality: strategic and systemic thinking and execution, mediation/negotiation skills, and entrepreneurial skills.

In the 1990’s we started up longer programs to further develop leaders from private and government organizations. At that time we launched the APG, our Advanced Management Development Program.

In early 2000s we added large scale organizational reinvention workshops to our portfolio to support businesses and government agencies that needed to deal effectively with increasing change and turbulence.

From 2010 on we entered a new evolutionary stage that led to our current business offer: (1) Intensive learning programs on strategy, management, and leadership innovation aimed at senior and middle management leaders (the APG portfolio); (2) Continuous support to our intensive programs’ alumni (AmanaCoaching); (3) Offsite meetings to align senior leadership viewpoints on the future of the organization and on the strategies required to get successfully there; (4) Offsite meetings to align viewpoints on corporate culture and strengthen teamwork in the organization (at senior level, middle management level, and all the way to the front lines); (5) Experiential learning and hands-on simulations to help senior and middle managers to round out their skill set (i.e. to broaden their leadership repertoire).

For the upcoming decade we can foresee a new round of reinvention of what we do today, above all to further adopt technological advances particularly those related to human knowledge and consciousness. Furthermore, we will be applying our accumulated experience and know-how to reinvent large scale societal systems (political/ social/ economic systems and broad societal participation in new, emerging democratic structures and practices) and to promote the rekindling of values in society as a whole through communication, education, and cultural alignment.

APG Program

Campus: Amana-Key Campus / São Paulo – Brazil

Our key differentiators

Innovation, avant-garde, radical creativity, “out of the box” solutions are Amana-Key buzz words. Also, the quest for unexplored areas of knowledge, the boldness to embrace “impossible equations” and make solutions viable by mobilizing people’s creativity.

Our key differentiators lie in the combination of highly conceptual and pragmatic approaches; in successfully capturing what is more subtle and less obvious; in our ability to address high management issues from a broader perspective by involving all stakeholders – a typical attitude of a true statesman-leader.

Furthermore, our differentiators are our in-depth teaching method, which does not provide recipes, but rather encourages reflections and generates insights; our ability to communicate by combining intellect and emotion, thus producing high levels of engagement and motivation also among large groups; and our tailored solutions without imposing ready-made and one-fits-all formulas from outside.Our key differentiator lies in creating moment to moment.


Our team

Oscar Motomura

Founder, CEO and senior facilitator of Amana-Key programs for the development of leaders, Mr. Motomura is a specialist in business management, strategy, and leadership. Holds a degree in Business Administration from São Paulo’s Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) with specialization courses in the United States on Finance, Banking and Technology Management. He also holds a masters degree in Social Psychology from the University of São Paulo (USP). As a multi-functional executive with comprehensive management and business administration knowledge, Mr. Motomura provides unique expertise in the human sciences area, especially conflict mediation and complex negotiations and cultural integration and change management projects. He has honed his skills in the area of identity reinvention and macro-strategies for large public and private organizations – both domestic and multinational companies – in Brazil and abroad. Mr. Motomura’s extensive relationship network includes several of the world’s top management specialists and prominent personalities in science, art and humanities. He is also co-chair of the Earth Charter International  Council and President of the Juri of the UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development.

Learn more at www.oscarmotomura.com.br


Deise Fukamati

Executive director of Amana-Key Group, Deise is a Communications and Marketing specialist and acts as a liaison between Amana-Key and its clients and between businesses and Brazilian government bodies. Holds a degree in Journalism from the University of São Paulo (USP). Started her career in television as a newscaster and in the corporate world as a partner of an advertising agency. Has worked with Amana-Key since 1980, when she started the Group’s executive education area. Is actively involved in helping the organization’s and Human Resources senior management to define their more specific needs for leadership education and development, especially the Group’s higher management and leadership teams.


Elisabety Herani Alves

Amana-Key director, senior consultant and facilitator of the company's executive education programs. Elisabety is an economist and a People Management specialist with training in programs focused on the evolution of consciousness. Has worked as a Human Resources officer for the electric power sector for over 20 years. Has extensive experience in public management and was part of the first management team that created and structured the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency. Has been with Amana-Key since 2001 and worked in Customer Services and in the coordination of executive education programs. Is currently a member of the APG facilitation group and also works on Amana-Key consulting projects.


Marco Pellegatti

Amana-Key director and senior consultant. Is responsible for the company’s Research and Development Center (Lab21 and Innovation Journey). Holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo (USP) and an MBA from Kellog/Northwestern University in the United States. Marco has been with Amana-Key since 1988 and currently works on future prospecting projects, cultural change, and social network mapping and development in organizations. Is also a specialist in network analysis, certified by NetForm International, and a certified facilitator of Celemi* programs. His main expertise is within the fields of strategic anticipation, preparation of organizations for the future, and embedding a culture of innovation within client organizations. Over the years, the management, strategy, and leadership R&D area, which Marco directly oversees, has supported all Amana-Key consulting and executive education programs. Is a specialist in strategic anticipation, preparation of the organization for the future and rooting of the culture of innovation in client organizations. Marco oversees Amana-Key’s R&D area in management, strategy and leadership and provides support to all the company’s consulting projects and executive education programs.


Tarcisio Cardieri

Amana-Key director, senior consultant and researcher on future trends, such as Learning Happens, technological development and its impacts on people, on interpersonal relationships, on organizations, and on society. Tarcisio applies the elements obtained in R&D of various learning resources. Holds a degree in Psychology, Sociology and an MBA in Business Administration from New York’s Pace University.

Before joining Amana-Key’s team of experts in 1989, Tarcisio served as an executive of Brazilian and multinational organizations in the areas of marketing, product development and human resources, and as a business consultant in managerial and organizational development. At Amana-Key, he has served as a program facilitator and project leader for cultural change and leadership development in complex private, public and third sector organizations.


Mariana Torres

Amana-Key senior consultant with extensive expertise in cultural change and organizational development. Mariana holds a degree in Public Administration from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, a Law degree from the University of São Paulo and an Entrepreneurial Management degree from Amana-Key (a 700-hour extra-academic program). Mariana has worked for Amana-Key since 2003 and has been involved in a number of consultancy projects (especially in the fields of ​​organizational reinvention, cultural change, and future preparation) and education programs for private and public organizations, working with R&D and facilitation of learning activities. Previously, she participated in the creation of the Technological Incubator of Popular Cooperatives at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and was a member of the Impact Hub Council in São Paulo.


Isabella Kolesnikovas

Amana-Key consultant with extensive experience in solution projects for strategic equations, cultural evolution and organizational development. Isabella holds a degree in Psychology from São Paulo’s Pontifícia Universidade Católica and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from Insper.

Isabella has worked for Amana-Key since 2011 and has been involved in a number of strategic consulting and off-site programs (especially in the fields of ​​organizational reinvention, cultural change, and future preparation) and development initiatives and ongoing support for those working on Amana-Key’s programs. She has also participated in an international project of the third sector. Previously she worked in the Human Resources area of ​​a multinational company as a business partner and project coordinator for organizational development.




In addition to our executive officers, Amana-Key has a dedicated team of consultants, experts, designers, technicians, and event coordinators. We also have independent collaborators from a wide range of expertise including scientists, academicians, artists, etc. and from different parts of the world. This network of collaborators/partners has been evolving significantly over the years, both in scale and complexity. Amana-Key today comprises a large network of experts on business management, strategy and leadership specialists. We are based at our headquarters in Granja Viana, Cotia, São Paulo, Brazil.

APG Program in action

Who our clients are

Public and private sector organizations seeking to evolve towards a very different future moving ahead by investing in their leaders’ education and skills (senior executives, seniority of middle executives and the development of young executives). Our clients comprise companies from all industries and of all sizes (including startups), either national or multinational companies. Also public institutions at federal, state and city levels.

Also organizations seeking support in their decision-making on complex issues in the strategic/future preparation area and in the cultural area (leadership alignment/ teambuilding at the top).



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