Rethinking the Future • Leadership Culture Alignment

Amana-Key's cutting-edge know-how applied to decision-making meetings with the top management of client organizations.

One-to-three day immersion programs in which key leaders/key people within the organization define critical strategic equations and create highly innovative solutions stimulated by groundbreaking benchmarks brought by Amana-Key.

Possible critical equations of the Offsite Program: radical improvements in results; cultural alignment of the top management (directors and senior managers); eradication of chronic past problems; preparation for the unprecedented challenges of today and tomorrow; redefinition of the very raison d'être of the organization due to global transformations underway.


How to book an offsite program

Get in touch with Amana-Key at or by telephone at (+5511) 4613-2323 for a preliminary conversation and schedule an online or face-to-face meeting with one of our specialist consultants.

At this meeting, the client organization sets out the objectives it wants to achieve through the Offsite Program. Amana-Key provides a detailed description of the Offsite Program and a preliminary design of the program is created together with the client organization. From this discussion, Amana-Key makes a formal proposal for the Offsite Program. Once the proposal is approved by the client, other alignment meetings take place (usually by telephone) until the program is ready to be delivered.

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