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Our clients are public and private sector organizations seeking to evolve towards a very different future moving ahead by investing in their leaders’ education and skills (senior executives, seniority of middle executives and the development of young executives). Our clients comprise companies from all industries and of all sizes (including startups), either national or multinational companies. Also public institutions at federal, state and city levels.

Also organizations seeking support in their decision-making on complex issues in the strategic/future preparation area and in the cultural area (leadership alignment/ teambuilding at the top).



"In our time of global crisis, leadership needs to have two important qualities. The first is to provide a moral compass, directing our actions toward the common good of humanity and the biosphere. The second quality is the ability to understand the systemic interconnectedness of our major problems and to recognize systemic solutions. Both of these qualities are at the very core of Amana-Key’s APG — in my view, today’s foremost executive education program. "

Fritjof Capra, physicist and writer, best-selling author "The Tao of Physics", "The Turning Point" and "The Systems View of Life", among others



What our customers say

"Amana-Key was a major driving force and energy catalyst behind the consolidation of the Fiat brand as the Brazilian market leader in automobiles and light commercial vehicles for the thirteenth year. Amana-Key’s workshops are a key ally to better understand our own corporate culture and help it evolve, aimed at leadership in results and the effective achievement of all our strategic goals."

Cledorvino Belini, CEO, FCA - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Latin America


"We have been Amana-Key’s partners since 1991. Our leaders attended every APG program. Whenever we hire or promote one of our employees, it is the first thing they do. Therefore, everyone here is attuned with the culture of innovation and making it happen which is at the core of our evolution strategy."

Luiza Helena Trajano, Chairwoman of the Board, Magazine Luiza


"An entrepreneur's daily routine does not always allow them to keep a more distanced look at their actions and their effects. The APG Program follows precisely this path: it keeps the distance without losing the connection. We have always relied on the support of Amana-Key, especially of Oscar Motomura, with whom I’ve had a close relationship and great admiration for about 30 years."

João Carlos Paes Mendonça, Founder and CEO, JCPM Group


"We are close Amana-Key partners as it has a culture of dealing naturally with the challenges that arise, while promoting leaders’ protagonism and evolution. We began to face our major challenges fearlessly and use pro-active solutions."

Candido Lima, CEO, Parker Hannifin


"The APG is fantastic! I have attended many leadership programs before, also in different countries around the world, in major universities... but the APG experience is truly unique!"

Carlos Santacruz, CEO, Bemis Latin America


"At the APG Program we have the opportunity to think out of the box and realize that 'impossible equations' always have a solution. I can say that the APG has led me to a continuous evolution in performance in all its dimensions."

Luiz Fernando Leone Vianna, President of Delta Energia, and former Itaipu and Copel President


"I first took the APG when I was still the VP at EDP. A few months later, I took over as CEO of the company in Brazil. The APG helped me give meaning to my new assignment from a more comprehensive and inclusive perspective. As CEO, I established the APG as an indispensable development program for all EDP managers in Brazil."

Miguel Setas, CEO, EDP Energias do Brasil S/A


"The APG is truly different from everything I know in the market. It goes far beyond the technical aspects and people come out of the APG extremely mobilized, thinking differently and facing life differently."

Miguel Krigsner, Founder, Grupo Boticário


"The APG combines state-of-the-art, innovative concepts and high pragmatism and effective mentoring to make it happen. It does not provide ready-made recipes. Instead, it trains original leaders to think and create tailor-made solutions to everyday equations... everyone at Elektro who holds strategic positions should take the APG Program."

Marcio Fernandes, former CEO, Elektro


"Yes, innovation is there, but this is not the key driver of Oscar Motomura and his team. They go far beyond that ... they manage to promote a thought-provoking workshop that connects you with yourself and the lessons learned lie in the questions rather than in the answers..."

Amauri Soares, Director, TV Globo


"The APG raised my awareness to themes that I now see with different eyes and mind. It helped me to become a better human being and leader. I keep in touch with other people who took the APG and we are constantly reflecting on our purposes, practices, values and how we can contribute for our organization to be further improved."

Raul Viezzer, Operations and Production Manager, Volvo


"We like the APG Program so much that Amana-Key and Algar are now bonded through a true partnership. I have taken many courses in Brazil and abroad. The APG has far exceeded all the courses I have previously attended."

Luiz Alberto Garcia, Chairman of the Board, Grupo Algar


"The work carried out by the Amana Key team enabled MPDFT members to reflect deeply on the true role of our institution and the relevance of its work for society. But it was stronger than that. Oscar Motomura’s skillfully led us to the understanding that difficulties in the workplace are overcome much more easily when what we do is based on dedication, love for others and true perception of social reality. "

Ana Luiza Lobo Leão Osório - Attorney General, Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Federal District and Territories


"We dare to dream about reinventing our organization and that’s what we did. The APG was a great ally in preparing our people for the change."

Sérgio Moreira, Former SEBRAE President, current Deputy Director at CNI


"The APG is altogether a totally different program... sharing experiences and wisdom

... in fact, it is an experience of a lifetime that shows this side of human beings that is able to move mountains."

Josias Matos de Araújo, former Eletronorte CEO, current Regulation Director at Eletrobras


"The APG represented a real turning point in my personal and professional life. However much I try to describe the changing power of Amana-Key's APG, experiencing it is the only way to capture its strength..."

Márcio Félix Carvalho Bezerra, Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy


"Driven by people who are bent on making the world a better and fairer place, we leave the APG feeling strengthened and inspired to continue our journey."

Flávia Simões Falcão, Regional Labor Court - 10th Region


"The APG is not a traditional course. It gives you lots of insights, makes you rethink your life in a much broader, intuitive, creative, transformative, fulfilling, connected, solidary, committed, and ever ethical way."

Edmundo Spolzino, Superintendent, São Paulo Internal Revenue Services


"The APG has been working at the forefront of knowledge in the field of leadership and management. Banco do Brasil’s executives are continually challenged by the APG to reexamine their values and conceptions on management and strategy. As a result, we come up with something that highlights the complexity of organizations, the merging of intelligence and sensitivity, the 'invisible' dimension of learning, the boldness to be different as we make strategic choices."

Marcos Fadanelli Ramos, Director of Education, Banco do Brasil Foundation


"Attending Amana-Key’s APG Program is the privilege of investing very little in such a short time and having immediate and multiplied returns as a manager, leader and person."

Edson Massao Kikuchi, Director of New Business, Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação


"This was one of the most stimulating experiences I've had in a long time. Thinking about impossible equations and how to solve them was an open window to new possibilities, which might allow for greater boldness, creativity and new formulations in the workplace."

Sérgio Ephim Mindlin, Founder and Member of the Board, Instituto Ethos


"I walk out the APG feeling bigger than when I went in. I feel as though I'm a better and richer person.  I leave with the strange feeling that I’ve learned a lot and yet don´t know anything. Maybe just with the certainty that there is a door and you can enter it."

Ricardo Luiz Diniz Gomes, Human Resources Director, Cemig


"With the APG, we are stimulated to think outside the box. It is an experience that falls outside our set standards. We learn how to deal with the "impossibilities" that often derive from our own internal barriers and personal blocks. It’s an all-encompassing program that provides different ways of dealing, not only with our professional evolution, but also with our personal growth... "

Marcos William, Facilities Manager, Petrobrás


"As we experience the APG each day in an inner movement, something changes within us: existing concepts are transformed and new questions arise... always in an extremely subtle way."

Enio Silveira Júnior, Managing Director, Furnas Centrais Elétricas


"After attending the APG we strive towards more organic management and our skills are enhanced to deal with impossible equations."

Joaquim Kiyoshi Kavakama, Managing Director, CIP – Câmara Interbancária de Pagamentos


"The Amana-Key APG is a cutting-edge, international-level program unlike anything I've ever seen."

Alex de Brito Bonifácio, Department Manager, Bradesco


"A real learning experience!"

Roberto De Rissi, Executive Director, Pioneer Seeds Division at DuPont Brazil


"The APG is much more than a management program. It's something for life. A week of reflection that enriches the mind, the heart and the spirit. At the end, we come home with new ideas. And with the energy and motivation to be protagonists within the organization, the family and society. "

Armando Carbonari, Director of Engineering, Embraer


"In this extraordinary APG Program we learn to open our eyes, reasoning, sensitivity and soul to something outstanding and profound: the art of possibility."

Chieko Aoki, CEO, Blue Tree Hotels & Resorts do Brasil S.A.

"With the APG we have the opportunity to see reality in a totally different way. Above all, we come out feeling ready to make it happen!"

Mâncio Lima Cordeiro, former CEO of Banco da Amazônia, current Managing Director of Sebrae Acre


"The APG is an intense, vibrant and unique experience. Its key differentiator is the percentage of learning and significance. In a traditional course you normally draw 20%. In the APG, it´s 100%!"

Ricardo Ruiz Rodrigues, Director of Logistics, Magazine Luiza


“The APG was a mix of training and recycling. My mind opened up to the most fundamental and basic things of everyday life. I rediscovered the value of simplicity.”

Antônio Luis Damião, Director, FIAT


"The APG is a program of a lifetime. It is definitely worth dedicating a week of our lives to it and our 'precious and scarce time' to this development. Everyone wins – people, companies and society. "

Cintia Marini, Director of Supplementary Business, Grupo Marista


"Coming back to Amana-Key is to have the opportunity to recycle concepts, renew our beliefs, and spend time with competent and kind people. And get off our 'autopilot'. It is always a life-changing experience."

Luiza Andréa Ribeiro, Director of Organizational Development, M. Dias Branco


"Amana-Key: a name, a methodology, a style, a way of thinking together. A program that is more than complete, which innovates and creates; transforms and changes; clarifies and updates, and makes us look inside and discover ourselves. To me, as a Human Resources professional, a program like the APG has never touched me so deeply and added so much value to my life."

Gabriela R. Tierno, Former Human Resources Director, AstraZeneca do Brasil


"The APG is much more than a skills building program. It contributes to a radical change in the process of leading public and private organizations in our country. I believe that through programs like the APG we can build a new business ethics and make Brazil the country of the present."

Nilson Gomes, Former HR Director, Johnson & Johnson


"APG Amana-Key: insightful, thought-provoking and essential for the new times!"

Renata Komechen Brecailo, Director of Organizational Development, Reckitt Benckiser


"I was very surprised by the novelties that Amana-Key introduced during the program."

Renato Pedroso Lee, Planning Manager, Petrobras


"The APG brings down barriers, prejudice and everything that prevents us from evolving."

Artur Reis, Former Corporate Manager, SESI


 "The APG extrapolates any method. Theory is combined with testimonials, art performances and videos through cases and stories where no one would imagine could be revealed from an administrative rationale or a leadership perspective. Suddenly, theory materializes right in front of you and arouses you, bringing up reflections that resonate with you long after you finish the course. It is about feeling rather than learning from reason. I think that's why it's so profound and transformative."

Paula Gabriel, Former Director of Planning, DPZ&T


"The APG was for me a license to create, dare, and innovate in a very rich and vibrant environment where you don’t just work cerebrally."

Wellington Nogueira, Founder, Doutores da Alegria


"It was a totally different week. Intense, strong, rich, and thought-provoking."

Antônio Carlos Fraga Machado, Former Member of the Board, CCEE - Electric Energy Trading Chamber


"I leave the APG better prepared to face the challenges in management, strategy and leadership. And not only for now, but for all the other days of many years to come..."

José Roberto Flores Reche, Director of Educational Solutions, Editora FTD


"The greatest wealth of the APG is its plurality. Public and private leaders from diverse business segments open up a space for life-enriching discussions, exchange of insights, and overcoming bias and prejudice. Collective creativity and intelligence are the program’s hallmark."

Rômulo Cézar Aires Rosa, Director, Serh Educação e Desenvolvimento




"I have come several times to Amana-Key Institute and I am more impressed every time with the extraordinary quality of the people here… and the conversation… We have had very stimulating discussions, learning together about how to lead and create change, how to let go of fear, how to create trust, how to live better lives and have more fun, and make more money. All at the same time. And I wish there were more work of this quality in my own country."

Amory Lovins, Chairman, Rocky Mountain Institute, co-author “Natural Capitalism”
and author “Reinventing Fire”



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